Bamboo Spiral Jetty

This project was inspired by Robert Smithson’s Sprial Jetty that is situated near the Golden Spike National Park near Brigham City, Utah. When I visited this site only a couple of pinkish stones were visible. Subsequent low rain falls have permitted this important work to re-emerge from the salty lake.

For this project, bamboo was harvested from the yard of art history professor Barbra Watts. The work was lashed together in the BBC ac2 150 studio in two sections. Then the sections were carried out to the lake by class participants and other volunteers. Duane Brant assisted with construction and engineering. Andrea Wolverton and Duane launched the jetty into the pond to the south of AC1 and NW of the Marine biology building.

The jetty is championed by marine biology student, Elizabeth Lago. She has provided information about the needs of cormorants. Cormorants need places to stand and air out their wings, as unlike ducks, they do not oil their feathers. They need to have the ability to dive and sink so the boyancy afforded to oily feathers would hinder their specialized hunting strategies.

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