New Installations: Yarn Bomb, Flavor Share, Nests

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New Works up on North and South side of AC2, BBC.

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Valentines day actions:

Today is a research/work day.

Ideas/projects that we are working on:

Catalina’s Japanese Rock garden variation: Action: draw some designs and rock shapes to form from papier mache. Find other images of Japanese rock gardens to mimic. Round up cloth with stripes or similar patterns to mimic racked sand.

Library Book bags. Draw logos or patterns to silkscreen on library. Meet with librarians to ask what they would want.

(Susan Weiss and Lauren Christos)

On going: Yarn bomb (library pleased with Andrea’s crocheted shelf). Post cozies are up and being enjoyed. Please post on any social media you have. And Regina’s bird nests are beautiful. I put up signs to our blog so people can find out more.

Flavor Share: Sahily’s Flavor share is appreciated by the waiting bus riders. We could use more pots and plants for this one. I’m bringing in garlic chives in my pot so all three tables in front of bus stop can have a plant.

Continue to work on your blogs. Please post pictures you took of class projects.

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MIAMI: Python hunt winds down in Florida Everglades – Florida Wires –

MIAMI: Python hunt winds down in Florida Everglades – Florida Wires –

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Post Condom progress (yarn bomb)


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RED CUBE Python kill 50.

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Lauren Christos is presenting a talk on Burning Man

Today, Librarian Lauren Christos is sharing her experiences about the Burning Man event that she attends every year. This occurs in September of every year in the Nevada Desert. We will post what we gleaned from this type of gathering.

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Hans Peter Feldmann

Hans Peter Feldmann.

via Hans Peter Feldmann.

WE could try this in the red cube installation space.

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